Rose Hanbury: The Woman Involved In Prince William’s Alleged Affair.


Rose Hanbury is an English model, researcher, political advisor, and friend to the royal family. She was born on 15 March 1984 in London UK.

Marriage can be hard for anyone and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are no exception, in this article, we will talk about Rose Hanbury, the woman behind Prince William’s alleged affair.

Rose Hanbury
Rose Hanbury

Who Is Rose Hanbury?

Sarah Rose Hanbury is a British citizen born to Mr. Allan Labrosse and Mrs. Chantel Desrosiers. The family belongs to the high-class society in the UK because they are related to Lady Elizabeth. She has 2 siblings Marina and David. Rose has always been a part of the royal family but she made the bond stronger through her friendship with Kate Middleton, wife of Prince Williams. She studied at elite British private school Stowe and UK’s Open University.


Rose Hanbury is a model, Storms Modeling Agency signed the royal friend when she was very active back in her 20s. She also worked with Michael Gove as a political advisor for 6 months. Hanbury once won the ”Best Dressed Girl” at the royal wedding of Duke and Duchess OF Cambridge.

Rose Hanbury Husband And Children

Rose Hanbury is married to David Rocksavage, a filmmaker and the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. David is 23 years older than Rose. The pair got married a day after informing relatives about their engagement in 2009. She has 3 children. The first are twins Earl of Rocksavage, who inherited the royal title due to his weight at birth, and his sister Lord Oliver and the last Iris.

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Rose Hanbury And Prince Williams

Rose and Kate have been friends for about a decade now, and later became neighbors. In 2019 their friendship hit a dead end when Kate asked her husband not to allow Rose to come near them. Prince William played a peacemaker and tried bringing the friends together but failed. Some social media users took to their platform to allege that, The Prince could not let go of the friendship because he is having an affair with Rose. The rumor spread quickly and died the same way. There is not much information on the affair, of course, but both Rose Kate have threatened a court action the publishers of this story.

Net Worth

The 35 years old has appeared in Tatler’s top 100 most invited people in England. Rose and her husband have a joint net of about $ 200 million. She earns from her work as a model and political advisor.

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