The Sad Story Of A Top 2017 Political Science Graduate From Legon Who Now Works As A Washing Bay Attendant

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Many graduates in Ghana have over the years found themselves doing some jobs that graduates from other countries with the same qualifications as them, wouldn’t do because their systems work for them.

It just shows how bad our unemployment situation is in Ghanaian.

The few available jobs it seems, are reserved for people who have links to big men in high places.

And for Boasiako Antwi, his parents who are farmers, probably do not have any such persons in high places to link him to a job, though he did very well at school.

It is saddening that a student from one of the premier universities in Ghana, Legon, would complete with such very good result of a Second Class Upper Division and end up working as a Washing Bay Attendant.

This is the tale of one Boasiako Antwi who graduated from Legon some three years ago now and now working as a washing bay attendant.

Mr Boasiako Antwi’s story came to light when a customer got intrigued by his good English, giving that people who normally work in that area are normally not all that educated, at least that is how we see them.

The man then decided to probe further and it was then that Boasiako Antwi revealed that he had completed Legon and because he couldn’t find a job, he decided to venture into care washing to make a living.

Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎UNIVERSITY OF GHANA This is to Certify that BOASIAKO ANTWI having passed the prescribed Examination has onthe_21st day of been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Study of Religions with Second Class Honours (Upper Division) ا Vice-Chancellór The authenticity ARebezza Registrar this certificate ascertainea by writing the address 00097666‎'‎
Boasiako’s Certificate from Legon as shared by Mawuli Fui

The man, Mawuli Fui Kwadzovia shared the graduate’s story on Facebook whiles calling for well-meaning Ghanaians to offer the young man a job.

Read what Kwadwovia shared on Facebook;

“Upon reaching the car washing bay around 5: 43pm yesterday, a smart young man approached me and politely directed me to park whilst I await my turn.

Soon, it was my turn and he started washing the car.

Whilst I was busily sharing my life experiences with one of his colleagues who normally washes my car, I overheard the gentleman telling another customer who just drove in English “ Boss, I will be with you shortly “.

That got me intrigued, so I approached the gentleman and asked him what is his educational background.

This was his response; “ I am a graduate of the University of Ghana “.

What! a graduate of what I screamed.

Then I probed further, what did you studied and with what class?

And he responded humbly “ Political Science- Second Class Upper “. At that point, I could feel nothing but a cold chill through my body.

How could a fine brain like this be at the washing bay when he could use his intellect to do more for himself and family?

Indeed, I know this world is not balanced but we will do our best to make it balanced.

As to where he sleeps I will leave that for another day.

I am calling on any well-meaning person out here to give this 27years young man whose parents (farmers) did their best and managed to get him through university a JOB this morning.

Thank you.”

See the Facebook post by Mawuli Fui Kwadzovia;

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