The Taxes Are Too Much- Diana Hamilton Cries Out

Gospel musician, Diana Antwi Hamilton has called out the government of Ghana to do something about the outrageous taxes event organizers pay for their shows.

Speaking on Accra-based United Television which was monitored by, the musician has said that the taxes event organizers pay for their shows is very outrageous.

Diana Hamilton claims she has had the opportunity to host shows in Ghana and the United Kingdom and when she is to compare the two, the latter is better in terms of taxes.

The musician bemoaned that those who take the taxes come to the venue of the program and the only thing that they put into consideration during the show is to check the number of people that entered and based on that, give the event organizer the percentage to pay.

According to her, there have been many instances where people go to the show without paying a pesewa because they go with complimentary cards.

She added that others who also go to the shows are team members of the event organizers and close associates, hence, pay nothing.

She has therefore called out the government of Ghana and those in charge of taxes to “walk the talk” and ensure the right things are being done.

“When I host events in Ghana, all they do is turn up at the gate and begin to count the number of people that are entering the hall, and they tax you with or without taking into consideration complimentary tickets. As long as they have entered based on the band on their wrist, they count and tell you the percentage you have to pay. So I’ve had the privilege to organize shows in Ghana and the UK and I am hoping that we look into this to see how best we can bring a solution to this,” she said.

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