Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Two Slay Queens Have Now Agreed To ‘Share’ Asaawa Gh-How Sharon Gh & Her Bae Begged Akosua Sika

Some few days ago,   these 3 Facebook users became the talk of Social media when a video of a lady being physically abused emerged on Facebook with many jumping to the defense of the girl (Akua Sika) who was being beaten.

Several twists and turns of the story surfaced and one of the things we learned was that Akua Sika was already in a relationship and was the one who went begging for money from the guy, Asaawa Gh.

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Well, we believe you read all of the different twists and turns of the stories and it was reported that Asaawa Gh and his girlfriend, Sharon Gh had to run into hiding as the squad of Akosua Sika wanted to pay them back with their own coin.

Now a new photo has surfaced and in the photo, we see all the three of them smiling and happy and a source told us that Sharon Gh and her boyfriend went to apologize to Akosua Gh, so they settle issues and for her to take the matter from the police.

Well, these slay queens never seize to amaze us.

Sharon Gh, Asaawa Gh and Akosua Sika Reconcile
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