The Undertaker Height: How Tall Or Short Is He?

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He will remain a WWE legend after his induction into the Hall of Fame of this interesting sport, but what is The Undertaker height? How tall or short is he?

It is not always that you get people wanting to know things as minute and perhaps irrelevant as a person’s height, but it is so in the case of The Undertaker because of what he has been able to achieve.

Very few people can boast of being more famous in the WWE that The Undertaker whose career in the sport has spanned some 33 years after his debut in 1987.

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In this article, we are going to see the details regarding The Undertaker height.

Just how tall is the WWE legend and Hall of Famer?

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Get more information about his height and many more things about him.

You may not know or have heard too much about him but when you read this article to the end, it is not just one The Undertaker height that you will get to know, but you will also get to know so many things including his family background, education, siblings and some of his career highs.

The Undertaker Height: Early Life and Family

How Old Is The Undertaker
The Undertaker

His parents, Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby welcomed him into the world in Houston, Texas, in the USA, on March 24, 1965.

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The Undertaker was not the only child of his parents; in fact, he was the fifth.

His siblings included David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy.

Approximately 115 miles northeast of Houston in Lufkin, Texas, is where he went to school at Angelina College.

In 1983, he received a basketball scholarship to help him pay for college.

He switched schools in 1985 in order to play basketball and major in sports management at Texas Wesleyan University.

After finishing college in 1986, he briefly explored entering the European professional basketball league before deciding to concentrate on wrestling.

Is The Undertaker height an important factor for his WWE success?

Well, the height may not just matter. Whether he is tall or short, it all boils down to the talent and skills he possesses.

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The Undertaker Net Worth
The Undertaker

His impressive career is what gave him fame.

We cannot possibly talk about The Undertaker height without discussing his career details.

A well-known former professional wrestler, The Undertaker. He is an actor as well.

He began his wrestling career many years ago, and although he hasn’t entered the ring in over three decades, his name is indelibly inscribed in the WWE’s records as one of its top performers over the past roughly three decades.

On June 26, 1987, he made his professional wrestling debut as Texas Red for the World Class Championship Wrestling.

When The Undertaker initially joined the Continental Wrestling Association in 1988, he faced off against The Master of Pain and The Punisher.

Mean Mark Callous was his ring name when he initially signed with World Championship Wrestling in 1989.

However, he changed it to “The Undertaker” when he switched to the WWE in 1990.

We have seen his early life and educational background now, what is The Undertaker height?

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The Undertaker Height

The Undertaker height

He has quite an imposing figure but he is not necessarily the tallest. The Undertaker height cannot rival the likes of the Big Show. The Undertaker is 2.08 m tall.

The retired WWE star has a weight of 140 kg

Calaway’s 137-minute speech as part of his induction was preceded by a moving 10-minute standing ovation from the in-person audience.

The Undertaker, real name Mark William Calaway, announced his retirement from professional wrestling on November 22, 2020.


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