“The World Is A Small Place”, Man Concludes After Being Sheltered By A Man He Sheltered Years Ago

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The world, as geography will have us believe, is a very large place but it is also very small, giving that whatever you do today at any location could come back to haunt you wherever you find yourself after.

A Nigerian man has just found this out in the most pleasant way possible as he agreed with the assertion that world is a small place.

According to the man named only as Jeremy, it is important to be kind to all manner of persons as a good deed is hardly ever wasted.

The good deed and kindness shown a random soul could just in the long run turn out to be some form of insurance as you might just need some support at some point and within the area you carried out your good deed.

This is exactly what happened to Jeremy who revealed that he had provided cover for a man whose rent had expired.

And as things turned out, he also found himself in the city of the man he had provided the cover for, and as he is still looking for a place of his own in that city, he is also receiving the exact support he gave the other person years ago.

He revealed this on Twitter whiles admonishing people to, as much as they can, be kind to people.

Jeremy wrote;

“Sometime ago I housed someone because his rent expired. Today the same person is housing me because I got a new job in his city and I am still house hunting. The world is a small place, be kind to people.”

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