“The World Is Dark For Me Now” – Sayeth The Lady Who Insulted Selly Galley

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Henewaa Piesie

Henewaa Piesie, the ugly lady who insulted media personality Selly Galley has spoken.

As a reminder, via Instagram, Henewaa Piesie called Selly Galley barren and ugly when she had done nothing to her.

Out of bitterness, Selly Galley cursed her and her generation unborn.

Taken to her second Instagram page, Henewaa Piesie is threatening that she can’t live anymore.

According to her, the world is dark. She subsequently begged actress Selly Galley to forgive her.

Check out the post below;

🔥‘ "My friend told me she's okay that her boyfriend has a sidehick when I told her my boyfriend was cheating on me---- what should I do?"👇 👇

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