“The world no balance” – Netizens says as they compare photos of Asantewaa’s husband and her manager

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Tiktok Star Asantewaa has become a roasting item on social media following video compilations that fuels dating rumours with her manager Cascious despite being married.

Aasantewaa is married to a wealthy man but her social media life is way different from what many married women will do but according to her, his husband is okay with her line of work.

Asantewaa for some time had been posting compromising videos of herself with her manager on her social media handles and many have read meanings into it asking if their relationship is beyond business.

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Well, as it is expected, social media users have done their comparisons between the man who eats her anytime he wants and the manager who is just plucking dead leaves on a tree.

Many who have seen the photo comparison has posited that it should have been the other way round.

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