The youth has no future in Ghana, I will travel outside even if it’s Kuwait – Young man reveals

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Graffiti artist Kelvin says Ghanaian teenagers don’t earn enough to live comfortably despite their hard work.

Kelvin told DJ Nyaami on Daily Hustle that he can earn more with his abilities. He says Ghana can’t assist its young and may leave when he can.

“As young men, we hustle, but we don’t get what we want. So it will be better to travel and make more than what you make here. There is no future in Ghana. I can’t succeed in Ghana. If I get Kuwait, I don’t mind going. Even if I will, It will take years, and I’m growing,” Kelvin said on SVTV AFRICA.

Kelvin said the nation has no plans for the young, so he’ll leave to Europe since “Ghana can’t assist us.” Look where we young men live. Living in a 2-bedroom flat, we don’t complain about the system.

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We live in kiosks, and the ghetto is rough. Some of us live here because we’re poor. We’re surviving. Ghana’s young men must travel.

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After his mother died, Kelvin quit school. After his mother’s death, he couldn’t continue his schooling, he said. In 2016, he moved from Volta to Accra.

Currently, he works as a painter specializing in graffiti.

The full interview below;

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