The Youth Of Kasoa Are ‘Begging’ Nana Appiah Mensah To Become An MP For Their Constituency

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The youth in Kasoa have launched their own self-financed campaign to get their native multimillionaire businessman Nana Appiah Mensah to stand as the Member of Parliament for the area.

Pictures, flags and large car stickers calling for Mr. Mensah to be made the representative of the area in the parliament of Ghana have popped up in the sprawling area on the fringes of the capital Accra.

A chief of youth in Kasoa known as Hassan has already decked his SUV out in his self-made banner of Mr. Mensah with words campaigning for the owner of Zylofon Media to be the MP of the area.

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A delegation is being put together by the spontaneous movement to convince the man popularly known as NAM 1 to contest the next parliamentary elections.

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Even though Nana Appiah Mensah has not declared any intentions of standing as the MP for the area, his social intervention programmes in Kasoa looks to have forced the youth to turn to him.

The long-standing charitable activities as well as his NAM Mission initiative to create jobs for the youth of Kasoa has made the business mogul the main target of the youth as their representative in parliament.

Apart from providing an official vehicle for the Chief of Kasoa, the owner of Zylofon Media is constructing the chief’s palace for the area which will serve as the public meeting place for all the divisional chiefs of the town.

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He is also building factories in various industries in the town to create jobs as well as training some of them to be able to take up jobs in other sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

Mr Mensah has already promised to deliver one million jobs to the youth of the country which has sparked a massive interest in his activities among the youth in the country.

However, the youth movement are not keen on NAM1 joining any of the major political parties in the country with many of them insisting that both the ruling NPP and NDC have been tainted by failed promises of the past.

As such they will be asking NAM1 to steer clear of the parties so as to maintain his credibility that has endeared him among the youth of Kasoa.

Some supporters of the two biggest parties – the NPP and the NDC – have already declared that if Mensah declares his intention to stand, they will ditch their parties to support him win the seat currently occupied by Hawa Koomson.

Mr. Mensah was raised in Kasoa and has been championing the cause of the town as a leading figure among the youth.



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