Themba Gorimbo Family: Wife, Children, Parents

Themba Gorimbo’s recent encounter with the renowned American actor and former professional wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, has been the talk of the town. Their meeting unfolded after Gorimbo disclosed that his bank account had just $7 before his triumphant victory at UFC Vegas 73. This revelation captured the attention of none other than Dwayne Johnson.

Following Gorimbo’s remarkable win against Takashi Sato at UFC Vegas 73, he made a heartwarming announcement: the intention to auction his fight kit, to contribute to the construction of a vital water well in his native Zimbabwean village.

Gorimbo’s gestures resonated deeply with Dwayne Johnson, whose own journey from financial struggle mirrored Gorimbo’s. Johnson’s personal history of having just $7 in his bank account became the inspiration behind his company, aptly named Seven Bucks Productions.

On August 3, 2023, Themba Gorimbo made headlines once again. Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to share a touching video, revealing a heartwarming surprise: a brand-new home for Gorimbo in Miami.

Before this remarkable gesture, the retired wrestling icon visited the UFC fighter, who was facing challenges in acquiring a suitable home for his family. Gorimbo and his loved ones had been residing in a small corner of the gym, emphasizing the difficulties they had been grappling with.

Themba Gorimbo Family 

Themba Gorimbo came into the world in the modest locality of Bikita, nestled in the eastern region of Zimbabwe to his parents.

As of this current juncture, comprehensive details about his parents remain elusive, including their identities, birthdates, ages, and professions.

Regrettably, his mother’s life was tragically cut short when Themba was just nine years old, and four years later, his father also departed, marking another somber chapter in his life following his mother’s passing.

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Themba Gorimbo Wife 

Themba Gorimbo is believed to be married even though, he hasn’t officially said anything about it. Within the inside of the new residence generously gifted to him by Dwayne Johnson, a framed photograph adorns the walls.

This photograph captures Themba alongside a lady presumed to be his wife, as well as their two children. Regrettably, as of this moment, essential particulars such as his wife’s name, birthdate, age, and profession remain shrouded in mystery.


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