“There Is No Independent Woman Anywhere”-Harry Song

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A lot of women have, over the years, been heard saying, by virtue of what they have achieved for themselves that they are independent women; but according to Nigerian singer Harry Song, there is no independent woman out there.

In his estimation, everybody needs somebody and that includes women, as no man can be an Island.

He said further that, the fact that God didn’t create an independent man means that no woman anywhere can claim to be independent.

Harry Song added that we all need one form of support or the other at a point in our existence to start our lives and that makes it imperative to stay humble and loyal in whatever that we do.

He wrote on Instagram;

“Everybody needs somebody. If God did not create an independent man, then there is no independent woman anywhere.

We all need support and plugs to start up.

Stay loyal, stay humble.

We know your story”.


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