There Is Nothing More Painful Than Dating An Unfaithful Broke Man- Cookie Tee Says

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As a beautiful young lady, have you ever dated a broke man? How was the feeling like? Well don’t worry yourself finding an answer because Beautiful TV presenter popularly known as “Cookie” has all the answers for you.

In a  recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Cookie said there is nothing worse than being in a relationship with an unfaithful broke man.

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“It is annoying for a broke man to cheat on you than a rich man. Imagine a man who is broke cheating on you, that can be very hurtful so to avoid all that I would prefer a wealthy man to cheat on me than a poor man,” she reiterated.

Cookie further stated that she can’t date a broke man because he won’t be able to stand the pressure she would give him.

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“If I am working hard to make enough money then my man must equally up his game. He would advise himself looking at the kind of lady he is coming in for. I am a hard working lady and the last thing I would want is a broke man who would spend my money and be a distraction in my life,” she said.

Asked whether she was dating, the co- host of Starr Drive on Starr FM said she was currently single and waiting for the right man.

Describing her ideal man, Cookie stated that she wants a simple man who will come and add to her life and not distract her.

Answering whether she was approachable, Cookie said she was and any discerning man could make a move.

“I easily get approached by right thinking men. You really need to know the kind of lady you are coming for because I am not cheap,” she added.

To the single guys, please Cookie wants a hardworking rich man! If you are broke, just admire her pictures and pass bye.

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