There is nothing unique about Sakodie’s current raps unlike the time he started – Mcee Lento speaks

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The truth is, Sarkodie remains the most decorated Ghanaian rapper considering his enviable awards excluding GRAMMY.

But one thing is becoming certain about the rapper. Thus, the vim and anger Sarkodie used to rap when he busted into the music industry is fast diminishing like the law of diminishing marginal return in SHS Economics textbooks.

It’s at the back of Sarkodie’s lackadaisical style of rap that Mcee Lento has stated categorically that there is nothing unique about Sakodie’s raps as we speak provided Ghanaians are to face the reality.

Taking to Facebook, he wrote “There is nothing unique about @sakodie’s rap. What he has been doing isn’t extraordinary. The only enviable thing about him is clarity; something many good rappers don’t have.

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“This is a guy who used half his diss song to M.anifest to engage in populism just to win sympathy from one side of Ghanaians. He is smart but not a genius as he has been labeled…”

According to him, the only thing that is keeping Sarkodie in the game of rap is the clarity in his voice. Thus, it’s not difficult to get the words of Sarkodie when listening to him, but apart from that, there’s no uniqueness!!

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Take a look at the screenshot below:

There is nothing unique about Sakodie’s current raps


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