There’s a petition to ban Counsellor Lutterodt from appearing on radio and tv over reckless comment on rape

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It’s hard to fathom why a grown-as* man like George Luterrodt who claims to be a “Counsellor” could spew soo much rubbish and  not ever come to that self-realisation that, most of the things he says makes him stupid but perhaps this petition will knock some sense into his head.

There’s a petition online created by Ivy Prosper, demanding that Counsellor Lutterodt  be banned on radio and tv stations in Ghana after he made the most reckless and disgusting comments about rape victims on live television on Adom TV.

The petition which is been directed to the Ministry of Communication is seeking for 5,000 signatures from Ghanaians to have the counsellor banned on radio and tv after that irresponsible comment he made, which has outraged several people on the internet.

The reckless Counsellor Lutterodt stated in a discussion that, rape victims enjoy being raped.

“Every Rape Victim Enjoys the Act” -he’s clearly heard saying.

The petition has gathered  2,709 signatures at the time of this publication and you could be part by signing the petition too by following this link

Parts of the reason for the petition read:

George Lutterodt has openly said on Adom TV in an interview that he feels rape victims enjoy the act of being raped.  When questioned on his statement he continued to justify his belief that when someone is being raped, the victim enjoys the act. This type of statement to a national audience on television, only promotes rape culture. George Lutterodt is a ‘rape apologist’ who justifies the aggression of rape and sees no consequences in the act. 

Women and children are the biggest number of victims suffering from rape and physical abuse on a regular basis, it’s a shame that media gives a public platform to a person who only serves to give rapists in the community justification for their heinous acts. Statistic from the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service reveals that six women are raped every week. These numbers only represent the number of women who actually report the cases.  There are countless others who suffer in silence because of fear and stigma attached to being a rape victim. 

This petition is to ask media outlets in Ghana to stop giving George Lutterodt a platform to spread his damaging message to the masses.  

Well, incase you missed that video, watch it again below:


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This is a quote from a self professed ‘counsellor’ George Lutterodt from Ghana on a television show yesterday. (The quote is around the 2:13 mark in the video) He goes on to say that rape victims enjoy being raped regardless of their unwillingness in beginning of an act of rape. Something that any real professional counsellor and expert will discredit. This is highly irresponsible and a very dangerous rhetoric that fuels sexual violence and rape culture. He claims he has spoken to ‘many rape victims’ and his assertions are based on that. Well, Lutterot, tell me how much a 6 year girl enjoys the act of being raped? Or how a 9 years boy enjoys being sexually assaulted? Or how a 21 year old enjoys being held down against her will and raped by a group of guys? Or how a 70 year old woman enjoys being raped? These are just some of the real cases of actual rape victims. This man Lutterot is a rape apologist simple. One of the worse I have seen because he masquerades with the title of ‘counsellor’ to essentially justify and normalise rape culture with a reprehensible statement that ‘all victims of rape enjoy the act’. This perpetuates victim blaming and trivialises what rape survivors go through. His comments are deplorable, especially at a time in Ghana, and beyond when so many people are advocating for victims of rape and sexual assault in their fight for justice. Over 10,000 people have signed and continue to sign the petition to the President of Ghana to abolish fees medical examination for victims. (Link in Bio) PS. I don’t know who the other gentleman in the video is, but I applaud him for countering the assertions made by that man. Any media organisation that continues to give this man a platform to spew such misinformation is culpable. The worst thing is that he is not even a registered counsellor yet these media organisation in Ghana continue to give him a platform. This has to stop. Video Source: Adomonline

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