‘There’s Enough Food To Feed The Country For Years, Why Do You Have To Rush To Buy Food Because Of Lockdown?’- Agric Minister Asks Ghanaians

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Following the announcement by the President that today- March 30 will see some parts of Accra and Kumasi being put under lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, it prompted a mad rush to buy foodstuffs in preparation for the ‘curfew’.

As a matter of fact, several Ghanaians started buying things hurriedly so they don’t get caught up in any eventuality. The unprecedented scenario made market women increase the prices of their wares three to four times the original price causing chaos and panic everywhere.

The Minister of Food and Agriculture Doctor Owusu Afriye Akoto has reacted to this by shading the ‘apparent’ Ghanaians for the chaos.

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In a brief press address, Dr Owusu mentioned that there is enough food in the country to feed everyone due to the planting for food and jobs initiative. He has, therefore, urged everyone to relax with the mad rush of food. He emphasized that there is enough food for everyone for the next two years.

Dr Owusu explained that traders who sell foodstuffs have not been restricted to sell either did the lockdown restrict citizens from purchasing food outside so the mad rush for food items to stock for the lockdown is uncalled for.

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Dr Owusu however explained that the mad rush of food is the cause of the increase of prices in the market. He explained that after the pandemic is over, the hiked prices will be reduced back to its normal prices. He added that most people are wasting their monies by purchasing foods they might not need with the excuse of stocking.


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