There’s Going To Be A Shatta-Sark Tomorrow At Shatta Wale’s Mixtape Beach Party Happening Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, that is 11th April would certainly will go into the history books of Ghana Music, as something, that has never happened before, is about to happen.
I stand to be corrected, but this is the first time, in the history of Ghanaian music diary that on the day that Ghana’s biggest’s award show is been organised, a big artiste who has grown to be a rival of the event organisers of the VGMA, Charter House is also organising his own show.
Ideally, no musician or major event organiser organises an event the same day the Ghana Music Awards is been held, because that night has been set aside to celebrate and award musicians in the country who have done some tremendous work in the year under review.
Conspicuously, the 2014 Artiste of the year, Shatta Wale is also hosting his Mixtape Party on the 11th April, 2015, same day as the VGMAs.
Well, it not a threat to Charter House, because they have even already sold out all their tickets already and yet people are rushing to buy their tickets, so one can conclusively say that, they have already made their profits already.
We don’t know the real reason why Shatta chose that date, but it appears he has not had any interest in this year’s award ceremony and thus wanted to do something for himself.
We think he reserves the right to host his own show on any day that he wants and we are confident lots of people will be there because Ghanaians love going to the beach naturally and will grab any opportunity that presents itself.
Shatta Wale posted on his Facebook page that, Sarkodie will be part of those who will be performing.
We cross-checked his twitter account and Shatta had tweeted the same thing, this time with Sarkodie retweeting, giving fans confirmation that indeed, he will be passing through.

 We all know of the brouhaha between Sarkodie and Charter House that started recently over some Ghc100,000 he was asking from the event organisers to perform at the VGMAs.
So did Shatta Wale pay Sarkodie more or equal the amount he was demanding fro to appear at the show? We cannot tell, but we are certain, he’s probably doing it for free as a friend and most importantly, they have 2 big hits together, “Dancehall Commando” and “Megye Wo girl”
If Sarkodie, should make it to the Shatta’s event, he would want to prove to Charter House that it’s not always about the money and that he could even perform for free.
Well, let’s see what tomorrow will bring. The tickets are selling at Ghc10 for anyone who wants to go to the Shatta Beach, of course, will be there to get you photos and update you on what happens.


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