‘There’s No Power In God’s Name’- Woman Says As She Sets Bible On Fire

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Considering how obsessed Africans are with religion, stories like this annoys the religious zealots to the core and they boil with indignation whilst wondering why some people could be so brave to challenge the supremacy of God.

That’s the story here as an angry woman has set the Holy book of Christians- the Bible on fire amidst saying there’s no power in the name of God.

The woman also said she has discovered the truth (probably she has discovered another deity whom she worships and pays homage to)

There’s no power in the name of God, there’s no power in the name of Jesus.

I know the truth, your God can’t bring his anger on me.

I’m burning your God, he should do what he wants to do…

The video is going viral on social media and we know it would not be long before she’s shredded into pieces for this sacrilege.


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