“There’s nothing like spiritual money-doubling, anybody who promises that is fraudster” – Kwaku Bonsam exp0ses fake spiritualists [Details]

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Celebrated Ghanaian spiritualist, Kwaku Bonsam has categorically stated that in the spiritual world or business, there’s nothing like money-doubling therefore anybody who promises that is fake.

He described spiritualists who advertise on television and other social media platforms and calling on people to bring their money for it to be doubled as liars and fraudsters.

Speaking to Evans Mensah on Joy News’ Ghana Connect following the Kasoa Ritual Killing saga, Kwaku Bonsam said the so-called money doublers are using tricks to lure and steal from the unsuspecting desperate Ghanaian.

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“I, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, say that there is no double money in this world, there is no double money in this world. The person who says he will double money for you go and look at their home, some are using bicycles, even corolla and motors.”

Kwaku Bonsam added that Ghanaians need to ask themselves the logical question as to why these so-called money-doublers are more often than not living in abject poverty. Why then are they not helping themselves out of penury if they claim they have money-doubling powers?

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He went on to enumerate what he has achieved as a renowned Ghanaian spiritualist and laid the foundation for his belief and independent conviction that money-doublers are fake and can be best described as fraudsters thus Ghanaians need to be cautious.

“You can see me use SUV car, (it is because) before I became a traditional priest I was a gas seller. I have my own gas filling station. I also do something else. (There’s a time) I went to Sapema, in Accra, The plot there was ¢19 million old cedis, and then I bought more than 252 plots, that time.”

“I sold my cocoa farm at Afrancho and Sehwi and bought that land. Now the plot is worth GH¢600 million. So if I sell 20 (plots), I get some money. Those people they don’t business, they are using their own mind to trick people, they are fraudsters, they need to put them in jail.”

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Speaking on the Kasoa Ritual Killing and related matters, Kwaku Bonsam said any spiritualist who directed the young boys to go commit such a heinous crime should be dealt with according to the law.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians are calling for the immediate banning of spiritualist from advertising on national television.





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