‘There’s Nothing Wrong If We Sleep With Our Female Artists, We Can’t Invest For Their Boyfriends To Chop Alone’- Artiste Manager, Mr Logic

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Artist manager and entertainment pundit, Mr Logic has said there’s nothing wrong with sleeping with the female artists they manage.

Mr. Logic, born Emmanuel Barnes argued that it makes no sense for managers to invest so much in their signees to bring out the best in them only for their boyfriend somewhere to be chopping and controlling their minds.

Mr. Logic, speaking on Hitz FM, also added that once they are the ones investing, it’s just fair they also chop some.

Male Managers should eat the female artiste they manage, how can i be investing in the brand and the boyfriend would be eating the brand and be controlling the girl as well.

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He added:

It’s so unfair for Male Managers to be investing and some guy somewhere would be enjoying what i’m suffering for alone; the boyfriend is investing nothing would rather be enjoying her. There is nothing wrong if the manager also eat her some.

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