Thursday, November 26, 2020

These Hilarious Wedding Pictures On The Internet Will Give You An Idea On How To Make Your Wedding A Dream One

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Weddings are one of the most important events in the life of anyone who gets married and around the world, how weddings are organised are different from culture to culture but there are some weddings that share similar procedures, cultures, theme and more.

For every wedding, the couple tries their best to make it a memorable one and would go the extra mile to make it as beautiful as they can be but we’ve seen some photos from some weddings across African and they are as hilarious AF.

See these funny wedding photos below and share with us the ones that made you laugh out soo hard

1.The Manchester United Fan Who Swore to wear his jersey on his wedding day

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2.When you marry the president of the Wildlife club

3. Yes, bread can replace cakes, we don’t know if the couple are bread sellers

4.When you can’t spend a second without each other

5. Yes,when you’ve got your kissing game on point


6. When you finally marry that girl, who never made you kiss her in the relationship

7. When you finally get to kiss for the first time and have no idea about how to do it

8. When daddy didn’t approve of the marriage and decided to just pass after jogging


9. Yes,  when members of the Bad Gang Whatsapp group get married

10. When you are the one who sponsored the wedding

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