They Buy Streams And Views- Kwame Yogot Exposes Ghanaian Musicians

Ghanaian rapper and singer, Kwame Yogot has exposed colleague musicians for buying streams and views from social media and streaming platform.

The musician has said that views and streams on social media and streaming platforms should not be used to measure the success of a song.

According to the “Bibi Besi’ hit maker in a lengthy social media post, many of the musicians are used to buying views and streams to deceive Ghanaians, hence, these musicians should not be taken serious.

He questioned Ghanaians if they really know what a hit song is and threw a challenge at Ghanaian musicians to let them go on stage to see who indeed has a hit song.

“Do you guys really know hit songs? Let’s all get on stage to perform our hits songs and see for real,” he wrote.

Those with musical ears can testify that Amerado stole my songs – Kwame Yogot insists

Ghanaian rapper Kenneth Kyeremanteng, known very well as Kwame Yogot, continues to make his feelings clear with accusations that Amerado stole his song after accusing the Kweku Ananse hitmaker earlier.

Kwame Yogot had accused Amerado of song theft sometime ago but no one took the issue that seriously, maybe because they don’t believe Amerado can do that per the level he has reached in the music game currently.

In a bid to let the public know he wasn’t joking when he made the allegations earlier about his issues with Amerado, he took to social media to accuse his colleague rapper of song theft once again, and this time around he revealed it was one of his new song titled ‘Replay.’

Kwame Yogot went further with a big claim that even the song Kweku Ananse, which was undeniably one of Amerado’s biggest songs last year, was sampled from one of his works and has since been taunting the 2023 VGMA rapper of the year in several posts to the extent of claiming he (Amerado) is the reason behind his decision not to release new songs.

“Aswear if he stops sampling my songs, he won’t get hit again, bro I now understand you are a fan. He sample replay too…Sake of you Amerado burner…I’m not releasing my new songs again till God knows when…This is just not fair bro…stay real,” he wrote.

In a fresh revelation, The Bibii Besi hitmaker poured his heart out and made it known he is the type of person who let out anything that is bothering him because he isn’t scared of facing anyone.

“What I feel like these are issues bothering me I just say it to clear it from my mind because I am someone who is not afraid of anybody,” he stated.

He made this known when he was speaking on Cape Coast-based radio station, Property FM where he also claimed those with musical ears can testify to his allegations that Amerado really stolen his song.

“We all know that it’s true because we listen to the songs which are out and if you hear a song which has been sampled from someone, we can surely attest to it”. He added

Despite all his allegations, Amerado has yet to come out to speak on the issue, while others advise Kwame Yogot to take legal action if he indeed feels the rapper stole his songs.


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