They Don’t Like You But They Still Find Time To Watch Everything You Do – Nadia Buari

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In this life, no matter what you do, there is always that one person that will just be sitting down observing you. They won’t support you but they will be keenly watching everything you do.

This has made a lot of people lose trust in humanity because when you are alive and need help, no one will mind you but when you are dead, you’d be surprised at the people who will contribute money to come for your funeral.

It is with this notion that beautiful Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari has taken to her Instagram page to address such people who are preferably referred to as monitoring spirits.

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Nadia Buari who has probably encountered such people stated that, these monitoring spirits clearly don’t like you yet they will still find time to watch everything you do.

She added that some of these people won’t delete your contact so that they will be able to monitor your progress in life.

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I am sure you have come across such people in your life. How did you handle them?

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