“They treat us like we are useless people and it pains” – Pump attendant bemoans ill-treatment from customers

"They treat us like we are useless people and it pains" – Pump attendant bemoans ill-treatment from customers

Pump attendant job should certainly one of the energy-sapping and thankless job as emphasised by one who bemoans the ill-treatment he receives from customers.

Wangwa is a pump attendant in South Africa who seems to not understand how useless and unuseful they appear to many customers who patronize their services.

Enumerating what he goes through on the daily and why he believes although he is proud of what he does but still does not fell appreciated called for a shift and respect for all workers irrespective of how glamorous or unglamorous it looks.

He wrote the following on Twitter.

I am proudly a petrol attendant. But it’s painful how people treat us sometimes, they are rude to us, treat us like we’re sort of useless people, they hey shout at us, makes us check their tires pressure which is not part of our job description, make us check their oil and water

Tell us to go and buy ice for them, and anything they desire from the shop. Sometimes they run away without paying and our salary gets deducted. Sometimes they refuse to pay saying that we over pored they’re petrol, and yet we remain patient to them.

It’s painful how we’re treated and there are more challenges than yoh can think of in doing this job. At the end of the day you need to put food on the table, some of us are breadwinners, some need to pay school fees.

Doing all those is part of my job, I was just not given full information about my job. But customers should shout at us for such services, besides we always offer them. When never you need something please be kind to us. Thank you all

People took to the comment section and shared their views are as follows

@MkandlaJ wrote:

Being honest with you Bafo, there’ll always be that shitty person whether you’re a cleaner or an engineer. A lot of us have got great respect for what you do…take pride in it and don’t let miserable individuals mess with your peace

@OwaseMzantsi wrote:

That “not part of our job description” is why employers (& maybe even some customers) prefer foreigners to SAns. As somebody who ALWAYS tips petrol attendants I find that statement offensive bcos I’m also not obliged to tip but we’re helping each other out…izandla ziyagezana!

@Emissar wrote:

Is only south african that is always complaining at everything, when foreigners are doing their job, we dont see them on Twitter complaining, you wanted a job now you have it, but you are still complaining, you guys can never be satisfied

@MolosiKabelo wrote:

My chief be honest,checking the tire pressure and oil and water is part of your job description,i was once a petrol attendant for 4 years,thats why they send an anonymous buyer to check the service delivery every 6 months

@Geezt wrote:

Never mind all the negative comments they’re from people who just sit home and do nothing but spread negative energy around Twitter, you have a right to say anything you want to say (Freedom of Speech). Stay strong king, do your job it will get better with time



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