“They wanted to use her for rituals but failed because she’s carrying twins”-Unconfirmed reports say about the missing pregnant woman

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Ghbase.com has learned that Josephine Panyin Mensah, the pregnant woman who went missing on September 16, 2021, after going for a walk was actually kidnapped by some people who wanted to use her for rituals.

We’ve already reported that, she’s being found today and at the Axim Government Hospital where’s she’s receiving treatment but this new development of the reason why she was kidnapped is very shocking.

According to Angel Fm, they learned that some people kidnapped her and wanted to use her for rituals but upon getting her to the fetish priest, the evil plans failed as the fetish priest said she’s carrying twins and that it would be impossible for her to be used.

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It was also revealed to them that, she (Josephine) was also a twin so it would be totally impossible too aside the fact that she was carrying twins in her womb.

We would want to say, that the Police are yet to release their official statement on the true events but this story is something we picked on Angel Fm but given that there have been ritual killings in the country lately, and a typical example is the Kasoa young boys, we wouldn’t want to dismiss this story entirely.

We are happy she’s safe now but she would certainly need therapy to be able to handle the trauma she’s faced over the past few days.

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