Thief Falls Asleep In The House of Police Officer He Tried to Rob, Here’s What Happened to Him Next

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A Thai thief is trending online for his singular act of stupidity after he slept off in the house he was supposed to rob. 

As narrated by a local press Thairath, the homeowner where the thief invaded is in the central province of Phetchabun woke up in the morning to find an unknown man asleep in a bedroom inside his house.

Unfortunately for the thief, the homeowner was police sword officer Jiam Prasert of Wichian Buri District police station. The officer found the thief at his home in the morning. He had broken into the house while the family was asleep.

Reportedly, the thief, recognized as a 22-year-old man, Athit Kin Khunthud, was at first stalking the area to find a house to steal from. When he finally zeroed in on the officer’s home at 2 am, he entered it. But fatigue took over him, and he ended up switched on the air-conditioner.

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In a bid to take a nap, the man ended up having a deep sleep, which was obviously helped the cool ambiance in the room. In the morning, when the officer noticed that the air conditioner was on in his daughter’s room, he was shocked. His daughter was not at home. When he looked under the blanket, he found the thief.

The officer shouted at the thief and tried to wake him up. The thief was confused and dazed when woken up. Then backup was called, and the man was quickly handcuffed.

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