Thieves Fall Asleep After Stealing From Old Woman (+VIDEO)

A hilarious video has popped up online showing how two thieves fell into a deep slumber after they had burglarized a home and stolen some items belonging to an old woman.

Instead of running away with their booty, the thieves decided to rest their weary bodies from all the stealing they had done and laid down in front of their woman’s house.

According to multiple reports, the two thieves were caught after the woman had reached out to authorities about their mysterious sleep.

The incident which happened in Hamanskraal, Pretoria South Africa has caused a nationwide frenzy.
The video and photos have been making waves on social media.

Many assert that the old woman used charm to get the two young thieves to sleep on the spot.

South African tweep wrote:
”This muthi is called “Nyangomba” in my culture, even when doors are open the thieves can’t find a way to go out until they fall asleep. This muthi can make a thug to unmove when gets inside your yard.”

Watch the video below;


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