Thieves forced to drink crates of alcohol they stole from a store

In a trending “funny” video, a bunch of thieves who stole alcoholic drinks from a wine and spirits store were forced to drink all the crates of alcohol they stole.

From the video, the thieves could be seen seated and two men, presumed to be the owners of the shop, were, were standing in front of them and giving them orders to drink.

These men, as seen in the video, were brandishing whips and yelling at them to quickly finish the alcoholic drinks or risk being whipped.

More bottles were opened by one of the men in an attempt to put pressure on the thieves to swallow rapidly. The men used the whips to scare the thieves to quickly sip from the bottle and the thieves, who seemed to be trying hard to avoid being whipped could be seen doing their best to gulp down the drink.

There have been several funny reactions to the video after it went viral. Someone wrote, “Over-alcohol consumption can cause death.”

Another comment was, “😂😂😂😂 this punishment looks like a joke … until u r in their shoes 🙉🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂.”

Another user also wrote, “That is a great punishment 😂😂.”

Dealing with thieves: The new trend? 

A couple of years ago, the norm was that, when a thief was caught, he was either to be taken to the police or be given the beating of their life.

Now, due to social media trends and a thirst for fame, when a thief is caught, they are made to do something “funny” for trends and likes. Somewhere in 2022, there was a viral video where a thief was made to sing and dance amidst beatings.

Earlier this year, a new video began circulating online that showed a thief being made to sing and dance or get beaten.

The information gathered from the video indicates that the thief was caught while taking metal bars from a construction site. He was forced to sing and dance for the onlookers.


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