Things Fall Apart: Antoa Ogidi Brown In ‘High Spirit’ At Church on 31st night after running to lesser gods

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I want to dedicate Kofi Kinaata’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ to Ogidi Brown after bumping into this photo of him worshipping at a church on 31st December 2020.

I mean what was he really looking for there? If he didn’t trust God to revenge on his behalf, what kind of prayers does he expect God to answer for him?

For someone who few days ago, was threatening to curse his former artiste, Fameye for refusing to pay him some $50,000 which is in their exit clause of the contract Fameye signed, one wouldn’t expect him anywhere a church.

He didn’t just threaten to curse him with the Antoa gods so he’s killed but also added that, he was going to add his new baby as well—-What kind of person makes such threats and ends up in a church?

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 Anyways, the heart of God is bigger than all of us, and if he was there to seek forgiveness, then we are happy for that–God loves the sinner.

We are praying that, after this, he won’t go back to his Antoa ways.

Ogidi Brown in church on 31st night
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