Think of the future – Akyere Bruwaa advises celebrities on body enhancement

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Ghanaian actress Akyere Bruwaa has expressed worry over the recent body enhancement most Ghanaian female celebrities have indulged in.

Lately, some female celebrities have clung to the new order of the day by going under the knife to enhance their bodies. While some have undergone liposuction to enhance their backside and hips, others have also enhanced their boobs to look good.

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Veteran actress Akyere Bruwaa is of the opinion that body enhancement is not the best and will cause a lot of trouble for people who undergo these enhancements in the future.

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“Do the celebrities think of the future before going under the knife to look good? If they do, I don’t think they will go for anybody’s enhancement. When you grow old the body becomes weak and no matter how you try to maintain it, you cannot keep up and that is a natural phenomenon.

“Although I have never gone under the knife before the pain, I feel in my body at my age is sometimes unbearable and I wonder the pain these celebrities who have gone under the knife will go through in their old age,” she told Graphic Showbiz.

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Akyere Bruwaa stated that these body enhancements come with their own complications and side effects.

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“What is the use of going to fix your body when you cannot maintain it for the rest of your life it is sad that all of the celebrities who do that are mostly young ones. If these celebrities are doing it for the rich men out there then they got it all wrong, ’she stated.

“Have you ever seen someone of my age doing such things before? What are we teaching the young ones? We are supposed to be role models for these young ones and when we keep doing this what precedent are we setting for them?” she asked.


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