“This is not fair” – Ghanaians cry over new & unannounced increase in fuel prices

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Fuels prices to go up again by 2% from July 1, what you need to know

You will certainly not be a happy person if you should visit a fuel station and experience an increase in fuel prices…an increase which is all new and unannounced.

Ghanaians have taken to social media to vent their frustration over a sudden increase in fuel prices.

The increase comes roughly two weeks ago where there was an official announcement indicating an increase in fuel prices and petroleum products.

Little did car owners and drivers know that they will wake up today to experience another increase in fuel prices that is unannounced and clearly unofficial.

Many have described the new situation as unfair.

Saddick Adams, was the first to tweet: Nowadays fuel price increments is so silent.

This was followed by a barrage of messages where Ghanaians expressed their displeasure with the sudden increments and called on the governemnt to fix the situation.

@VincentGyamfiA1 wrote: This shows the level of hypocrisy in this country when NDC is in power there is rampant talker tubes who knows and understands everything we life to see coming years

@KanyNusrat wrote: When your father fails you feel ashamed to call him your father. God will punish all the people who brought Akuffo Addo into politics.

@DonYussif wrote: Dem media houses no dey talk about it. Dem increase wey we no know sef

@Swaidsis wrote: We living in a jungle now cuz you can’t even have a peaceful #WeGoDemonstrate so it’s best we let them do what they want to and wait for next government comes in who will do same if not more or less

@henryananehodo wrote: How do we even know if the fuel stations are doing their own increment and not the government. This government is being silent on so many things too much.

@YewuraO replied: The fuel stations can never increase fuel prices wai. So it’s COMING from the government and its very annoying. No youth can plan his life for the next 6 months in this country because fuel alone will be increased 7 times within the 6 months. It’s very sad. Oman b3n ni ?

TV3 presenter, Johnnie Huges sarcastically said the increase in fuel prices may just be a Father’s Day gift that should be enjoyed.



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