Ever felt God is delaying your success sometimes? Well, sometimes as humans we tend to feel that way and this fast-rising artiste known as Mantse AY has asked God to stop delaying his own success because he’s hustled for long and it’s about time success hugs him.

Mantse AY’s song ‘Nyame Watse’ which translates as ‘God You’ve Delayed’ attempts to express the hustle one has to go through to make it in life but a delay in the supernatural blessing to accelerate the success causes a standstill in one’s life. Among Christians, there is a phrase that; “God may delay but He never wastes time” and Mantse AY’s song seeks to eulogize God somewhat by asking Him to quickly intervene in his hustle so he can achieve that breakthrough.

Mantse AY
Mantse AY, his new music video ‘Nyame Watse’ is a must watch for everyone

Mantse AY who started his music career some few months ago, has said that he decided to do music because he wanted to put the street voice out there and this song ‘Nyame Watse’ in a way proves he’s doing just that and it’s something anyone hustling to make it in life can relate to.

The energy Mantse AY presents in his ‘Nyame Watse’ music video is exciting to watch and it reminds of the time he performed at the S concert last year.

Well, we know his style of music, energy, and swag is one that people would love and embrace him into the industry.

Watch Mantse AY’s ‘Nyame Watse’ music video below and SHARE your thoughts on it with us in comments.

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