‘This Year I’ll Match Trolls Boot For Boot’- Emelia Brobbey Bares Teeth

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Actress Emelia Brobbey has said she’s ready to match internet trolls boot for a boot this year because she had enough of them already. 

Speaking to Kastle FM, the actress who started earning insults from Ghanaians after she decided to add music to her CV said she’ll equally hurl insults at her detractors on her social media platforms.

Emelia told Amansan Krakye during the interview thus; ‘When it comes to insults that are not sent to my public page I allow it to go because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.’

‘But when it comes to my Instagram page that I have over a 2.9million followers if you come and insult me there I might reply to you. Even if I don’t reply I will delete and block you because I don’t know why you came to follow me if you don’t like me,’ she added.

The beautiful Kumasi-based actress clarified her posture by saying it’s not like she wants to stifle people’s opinions on her page.

‘You can share your opinion but it doesn’t necessarily mean that insult me on my page. So sometimes people follow me because they want to learn and if they see insults it wouldn’t be nice,’ she added.

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