This year’s Christmas has been described as the ‘driest’ ever- Details

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Although it has become a cliché for business owners to lament their inability to generate enough revenue each year, the reality this time around is quite different.

A short survey at some major markets and shopping malls revealed that the drop in the buying fervour often associated with the holiday season is the result of year-round increases in the prices of products and services.

At the Makola market, it was clear that people were in the area, but we were curious as to whether this was reflected in the sales of the market’s vendors.

The merchants reported that customer support was poor. The pricing, they continued, frequently prevented them from purchasing as much as they would have even if there were plenty of items on the market.

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A fresh fish vendor corroborated this by saying, “People are not buying because this year has been hard. In January, schools will resume and parents do not want to spend much on Christmas so much. The price of fuel has also been so high that the price of red-fish, tilapia, etc keeps increasing.”

“Last year, we bought it for 800 but now it is 1700, 1800 and 2000. So, I sell 3 tilapia’s for 50 and 4 big ones for 100 cedis. People are not buying this Christmas at all. They are in town but they are not buying,” she added.

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“One gallon of oil was 700 and 800 cedis but now it is 500cedis, 550cedis because of the CFA and the dollar. One Olonka of gari used to be 12 cedis but it is 18cedis and 20cedis now. Last year 1 litre oil was 50cedis but 90cedis so sales are low,” an oil seller stated

Meanwhile, the Vice President of IMANI Africa, Bright Simons, makes a comparison between Christmas this year and those in previous years.

“Is this the driest Ghanaian Christmas on record? I’m shocked by the absence of queues in major supermarkets all this week. Or is it that shopping habits have changed? E-commerce? A return to informal markets?” he asked on his Twitter page on Christmas Eve.

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