“Those who looked down on me in the past have regretted their actions…” – Funke Akindele encourages

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Successful Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele has encouraged her fans by using her life as a case study.

According to her, she was looked down upon during the beginning of life. There were many who said her life would amount to not and said all sort of things to dampen her spirit.

However, the popular Thespian who is fondly called Jenifa in many circles has said her life, now, is a testament to the fact that the negative words do not determine the outcome of one’s life.

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In encouraging all who may be at the receiving end of one discouraging word or the other, Funke Akindele said those who looked down on her have regretted their actions which means that those going through a similar situation will surely emerge victors.

‘Never give up” she reiterated.

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To those being looked down on,keep doing your thing!Keep working like no one is watching!One day you will get a BIG YES that will take you to the next big level.Never give up.Ignore Naysayers!Believe in your dreams &go for it.Embrace constructive criticism& use it to ur advantage

No matter what you say or do, you can’t satisfy everybody. Some people just love to be negative and will always see all you do or say from a negative side. Embrace positivity always. This is for my POSITIVE MINDED FANS


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