Those Who Stick Around Only When You Are Loaded And Leave When You Are Broke Are Your Worst Enemies, Shine Your Eyes – Bobrisky

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Nigerian cross dresser Bobrisky has become a motivational speaker with his latest post advising his fans to choose their friends with utmost precautions.

Bobrisky advised his fans to know the real meaning of what friendship is before going ahead to call someone their friend.

He stated on Instagram that true friends stick around in good and bad times and they don’t just spend your money and dump you when you are out of cash.

He wrote: ” When I look around I see many strangers calling themselves FRIENDS. Check the true meaning of friendship in the dictionary and ask yourself if you are true to yourself talk more staying true to your friend. A true friend is when you inconvenience yourself to satisfy else. When you can take someone else pain as yours, when you are loyal. But all the friends parading themselves as friend’s we have now just want to use you and dump you when they like, they never want to say sorry when they are wrong, they only want to party, spend money with you and whenever trouble comes, they disappeared. Choose your friends wisely”.

See his post below;

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