Thosecalled celebs mocks Hon.Hopeson Adorye even after exposing her

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Faceless Instagram blogger who’s famous for sharing scandalous celebrity secrets has reacted after her face was exposed by Hopeson Adorye, husband of Gospel musician, Gifty Osei Adorye. had earlier on shared a story where the former MP shared a picture of a woman, he claims to be thosecalledcelebs and from the reaction of the faceless IG blogger, it’s clear that’s her in the picture shared.

In a reaction she shared on her page, she seemed unbothered as she’s heard laughing in the background and asking the former MP, whether he’s pissed off because of the fact that he’s broke and hungry or the fact that, he’s unable to pay for the hotel bills, where he has his affair with other women.


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Weeks ago, the anonymous account shared a screenshot of a message sent to her inbox, suggesting that Gifty’s marriage was hitting the rocks as her husband was allegedly cheating on her.

Thosecalledcelebs reacting to the rumor, had posted:

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“One’s husband’s behaviour can’t define de happiness or situation of de person….dat was then wen women were enslaved in marriages oooo…..happiness is free n she can choose happiness over a spoilt man…dnt forget she has been a divorcee before n she got more experience in marriage so nothing bothers her….i only see a happy woman living for her kids not a man!!! GIFTY SMILE FOR ME OKE”

The news, has gathered didn’t sit well with Mr.Adorye, hence the need for him to go all lengths to expose the woman, many do not know what she looks like.

Gifty Reaction

The gospel musician has trashed rumours of her marriage hitting the rocks and jumped to the defense of her husband.

Read: will be monitoring how things unfold between the Adoryes and thosecalledcelebs and will bring you the major update.

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