We Thought Shatta Wale Was ‘Sizeless’ Until Yaa Pono Joined The Race

Ahh well, majority of Ghanaians have had the conviction or the feeling  that Shatta Wale is the ‘voice of the voiceless‘ or better still stands tall when it comes to acting rude, however, upon the recent happenings between himself and Yaa Pono have negated their assertion. Truly, as the saying goes, a good king is never known until the new one arrives.


Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr known by his stage name Shatta Wale is known to be that artiste who’s more vocal and will never hesitate to descend on his critics including his loyal fans. Not long ago, a fan asked Shatta Wale to try as much as possible to win Black Entertainment Television Awards (BET) instead of showing his cars on social media networks. Sadly, the insults Shatta rained on the anonymous fan was not the best.


Check it out from a screenshot below  in case you doubt my stands:

Shatta Wale Reply To A Fan Who Asked Wale To Win BET


For sometime now, Shatta Wale has manage to stay relevant in the news by picking up fight with virtually all the industry players and Charterhouse Ghana. With the least misunderstanding, he will not hesitate to do a live video on Facebook courtesy Mark Zuckerberg in the comfort of his room.


On the 18th February, 2017 an event which happened at Cape Coast stadium has triggered another fierce battle between Shatta Wale and some industry and music players in the country especially Mark Okraku Mantey and the uptown energy boss, Yaa Pono.


Already, Yaa Pono is an artist who’s known to be the most lyrical gansgter in the country and his versatility can never be compared. More importantly, he’s known to do more of hardcore  or better still profane songs which deters his music to get airplay among some of the TV and radio stations in the country. Therefore, immediately Shatta  Wale picked up the fight against him, it was like a dream come true for Yaa Pono. Thus, Pono’s area of specialisation in music is all about composing profane songs, therefore, to initiate a lyrical war against him can be likened to openning the Heaven’s gate for him to explore what he does it best. 


Undoubtedly, comparing the lyrical downpour in reference to the diss tracks released by the duo (Yaa Pono & Shatta Wale) for the past days clearly shows that the Prince of New Origin (PONO) has won the beef bout of which the Shatta Movement followers can confirm.


In simple terms, Yaa Pono was the first to release a diss track in response to  Wale’s Fecebook live video titled “NoKo“. Fast forward, Shatta Wale hit the studios  to compose “Say Fi” as a direct response to Pono’s Noko which the lyrics turned to be all insults against the innocent mother of Yaa Pono. Too bad!


Therefore, in the later part of the day, Yaa Pono came in like  a wounded lion with “Gbee Nabu”, which literally means “Dog mouth” in Ga language. Truly, the Gbee Nabu had kept Shatta Wale silent since then, although he tried to come out with some diss tracks titled “One Man Killer & Likes”, however, the weight of Gbee Nabu by Yaa Pono has outweigh all the attempts made by Shatta Wale.



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  1. Jealousy go kill u all.old rapper n u can’t own any car but u seize sakawa boy’s car from suyani. Hate can’t win

    1. yerh!!…..that’s yaa pono for you

      pono is at least respectful…not to talk of one arrogant fool who doesn’t appreciate anyone’s effort….#YAAYAA

  2. Senseless blogger… Who told you gono can win over wale… SM Camp got serious things to be taken care of… Collaborations and shows, so there is no need to give the hype sicker attention for now… Watch we out, coming like Kakai

  3. Senseless blogger, no news. Aplanke blogger

  4. Pono is sore loser, if u follow beefs in music you will know that shattawale is a clear winner.
    Yaa pono should’ve come harder on his first diss track called Noko
    But he disappointed all Ghanaians

    1. Masa masa what are u saying
      What did shatta wale too say in his own diss track
      He has lost he knows himself

    2. Kojo Bil go back and listen to both tracks then you will understand what is going on

    3. Bait in beef? Come again bro Don Afishy

    4. Anyways sm is not done yet whatchout for tracks like #aduley and #sister-#YAA , WALE IS A SMART GUY AND WILL SURELY MAKE MONEY OUT OF THIS

    5. Pono’s punches were weak tho…I understand why people are saying he won. People don’t like Shatta because of his attitude so who ever stands against him will get support from da general public. But after everything da truth is one p3, Shatta will still make money from da beef. Pono is a gud rapper but I don’t think he’s got a career in music.

    6. for the money shatta got it….this is a beef not a ranking of who is rich between shatta and pono

      it’s a beef oo t)mu??…yaa pono is the winner whether you like or not….@samuel

    7. Weak u say shatta beef is bush beef…cheap lyrist

    1. it’s a beef….were arent talking about money here,pull yourself together because shatta had already lost it????

  5. Pono concentrate on ur music career and make money

  6. U won use ur mind giv we ee? My blogger

  7. Dis particular blogger doesn’t knw anything abt beefing.go to Jamaica u wil understand.its not only abt de insults bt de tune n de creativeness in de song.pono was playing n lastly we hvnt finished yet fr u to jump to conclusion.wat is it becus of de gbee naabu u heard,nothin was said in de song it was like an shs rap battle.dem go run just wait n see

    1. you guys have already lost the battle….but i love your pride,you don’t accept defeat easily huh!!

      you were saying something creativity….im young but at least i can pinpoint musicians who are very creative,creativity in music simply talks about how a musician is able to spit,i mean lyrically together with the rhyming,that’s creativity if you dont know and also Yaa Pono is a Guru when it comes to that..and you know in your heart shatta wale isnt good when it come to creativity,one thing i love about shatta wale is his beats and way he sing to the tune,but he bring creative is way out of the context?

    2. U said pono said nothing telling shatta to look for the father of his kick and many others u didn’t hear that part pls….what is it that shatta also said that would maame tw3 he said

    3. Bros we not arguin oo bt we learnin.Hv u heard stoneboy confirm hw creative shatta wale is n secondly shatta has a wide style of singing.pono cant do dancehall bt shatta can do hiplife.

    4. Ok u let wait n see hw it ends n we wil all weigh it n see

  8. GHbase mo maame twem u people go and suck ur moda

  9. Pono n shatta are not dissing but they are beefing.dissing is sark n manifest not this insulting mother n father tins.

  10. He won the beef? Ok good
    Let him get shows to play… Ghana we forget too easy man… By next week everything back to normal.. He shd be ready to get a hit or he has killed his own career… Beef is about taking the opportunity to even sell more cos u got the attention now.. Beef is a business strategy… When u beef with hatred u loose focus… Kendrick was featured on big sean record dissed big sean and all young rappers calling them wack and lazy rappers… Came out strong with hit after hit now won the BET lyricist of the year then to Grammy… Shatta’s beef with samini wasnt hatred but business… Now let see what Pono can do with the lil fame he got now… Remy Ma came from jail was put on the track all the way up by fat Joe… She still knew Nicky dominating the female fap game she went at her and now rulling… So Pono shd rather use this as opportunity cos he dey underground keep… But if he mess up this opportunity man, he is doomed for life… Shatta just released a banger OPEN N CLOSE.. Panji shd help him bring a banger

  11. Will there ever be a day u say something positive about Shatta wale. Class 1 blogger. Get a life sucker??4lyf is 4lyf till u learn sense??

  12. Yaa gono or yaa whatever you call yourself, your career die be that oo!!

  13. At times I just don’t know why some you guys just hate shatta, we know those of you saying pono won this beef in the first place never like shatta, pono released a wack diss song of the century just calling names of ghettos shouting ony33 ofee mi Noko. Mean whiles he pono said Shatta should say fi, he said fi and then pono went ahead and released a second diss which no one can sing or dance with, you can’t even remember his lyrics apart from gbee nabu, we all know has a big mouth so its not a news to some of us. So where did u get your results from .smh. we know you guys dey hate Shatta.

  14. Ponos 1 track noko was soo wack but u people will pretend u didn’t hr it.

  15. Pono is not a competitor, forget

  16. He kill dat boi… We bad ponobiom gbe naabu

  17. There is noting in beef ,called second round,he brought noko which was wack,after shatta him hard with say fii,so stop the hating

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