Tiffany Orlovsky Bio, Age & Facts About Dan Orlovsky’s Wife

Tiffany Orlovsky is famous for being the wife of a former American football quarterback player in the NFL, Dan Orlovsky. Her husband played for clubs like Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, etc before retiring. In this post, we will learn more facts about Tiffany and what she actually does. Keep reading.

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Tiffany Orlovsky Biography

Tiffany Orlovsky Bio, Age & Facts About Dan Orlovsky's Wife

Orlovsky was born on 14 March 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States of America to Kevin Lesher (father) and Ellen Lesher (mother). Tiffany is 39 years in 2022. Tiffany was not born alone. She has two siblings namely Shaun and Brian Lesher.

Tiffany completed Plymouth Meeting and further education at the university. Her marriage to Dan Orlovsky has made her keep some of her life secrets. However, according to her LinkedIn profile, she has worked for the Philadelphia 76ers for more than 15 years.

Tiffany Orlovsky’s Marriage To Dan Orlovsky

Tiffany Orlovsky Bio, Age & Facts About Dan Orlovsky's Wife

Tiffany Orlovsky and Dan Orlovsky met in 2006 and after dating for three years, married in 2009. The couple is blessed with triplets and a daughter. They are Madden, Noah, and Hunter. The name of their daughter is also Lennon Orlovsky.

Tiffany Orlovsky Bio, Age & Facts About Dan Orlovsky's Wife

What Do Dan Orlovsky Do Today?

Dan Orlovsky is no longer playing in the NFL. He announced his retirement on 11 October 2017. Today, he is a football analyst at ESPN.

Tiffany Orlovsky’s Net Worth

Dan has a net worth estimated to be about $5 million. Tiffany has not yet revealed how much she earns so it is difficult to know how much she is worth.


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