Tiktok Girl Gets Head Chopped Off Video & Latest Facts

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A recent video shared on the popular video-sharing media platform Tiktok has put a lot of people in shock. In the video, a TikTok girl gets her head chopped off. The video goes against the policy of the platform and has been removed however the hashtag “girl gets head chopped off” is fast trending. Keep reading as I give you more facts about the incident.

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Tiktok Girl Gets Head Chopped Off Video

The video was first published on TikTok by a user named “Mayenggo3”. Details about the user or individuals who committed such gruesome acts are currently unknown. First, the video starts with a young girl dancing in front of the camera to a song titled “I’m Going in Tonight” by Doja Cat and StarBoi3. After some seconds, the video switches to another scene where a young woman has her hands tied behind her back. Whiles on her knees, there are two men standing by her back with a knife.

The men then begin to cut the young woman’s throat and continue to totally remove the whole head. The video seems edited and doesn’t look like the young woman who was initially dancing in the clip.
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There have been several reactions to the video and there is no vital information about which group of people was behind such an act. Whiles some are praying for “karma” to visit the murderers, some also believe social media TikTok is not safe for the youth.


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