TikTok star Asantewaa react to claims that she’s cheating on her husband with her manager (+Video)

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Ghanaian TikTok star Asantewaa has finally broken her silence on reports that she’s cheating on her husband with her manager Cassious.

Asantewaa and her manager Cassious have been seen in video compilations making love gestures at each other which raised suspicions that she might be having an affair with him.

While many have chastised their supposed romantic affair, Asantewaa is of a different view when she took to the popular video-sharing app to subtly reply to those claims.

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Asnatewaa strongly believes that the perpetrators of the news want to break her home reason they are bent on tarnishing her image.

In a new Tiktok video that has been sighted on her IG page, Asantewaa indirectly quizzed her critics if they are mad to be spewing such gibberish about her.

She did this after joining rapper Ayigbe Edem’s “Are you mad” challenge with her brother.

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