Tim Wakefield net worth: How much is he worth?

Timothy Stephen Wakefield was a baseball legend who played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for 19 seasons.

Tim Wakefield bio

After graduating from Eau Gallie High School, Tim Wakefield enrolled at Florida Tech. His sophomore and junior seasons at Florida Tech as a first baseman earned him the title of Panthers team MVP.

He established records for both the most home runs in a season, as well as the most in a career. His three-digit number was retired by the college in 2006.

He made his professional debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates on August 2, 1966. However, it is his incredible 17-year career as the Boston Red Sox’s longest-serving player, from 1995 until he retired in 2012.

Wakefield found faith in Christianity in 1990. Soon after, he met his wife, Stacy, in Massachusetts, and they married on November 9, 2002.

Tim Had two children, Trevor in 2004 and Brianna in 2005, They live in Satellite Beach, Florida, together.

However, According to reports, on September 27, 2023, it was revealed without permission on Curt Schilling’s podcast that Wakefield was heroically battling brain cancer, while his wife, Stacy, was suffering pancreatic cancer.

Tim has engraved his name in baseball history. He was the oldest player remaining the MLB’s most seasoned pro until he graciously retired.

The Pittsburgh Pirates called up Wakefield, a rookie first baseman, in 1988. Scouts were skeptical, but Tim had a plan a knuckleball that would go down in history.

His career began with the Salem Buccaneers of the Single-A Carolina League, where he excelled in starts and innings.

Wakefield struggled in the first month of the 1993 season, walking nine hitters twice and ten in one game.

As a result, he lost his spot in the starting lineup and was demoted to Double-A. However, in September,

he was given another shot, struggled, and then stunned everyone with two consecutive shutout performances to close out the season.

Wakefield spent most of the following season with Triple-A Buffalo, where he led the league in losses, walks, and home runs allowed.

Despite getting called back up to the Pirates in September, he did not play because of the player strike. On April 20, 1995, the Pirates released him.”

Baseball legend Tim Wakefield was known for his unique style, including a slow sidearm motion, 3-4-overhand style, and the enigmatic knuckleball.

His pitches were influenced by various elements, and he had a variety of fastballs, slow curves, and modified versions of his famous knuckleball.

Wakefield’s endurance was a key factor in his success. Unlike traditional pitchers, knuckleballers like him often threw more pitches per game, often tying 172 pitches over 10+ innings.

As his career grew, the Red Sox began treating him more like a rest, limiting him to 110 pitches per game and allowing four days of rest.

This unique style allows knuckleball pitchers like Wakefield to enjoy longer careers, as their unique style reduces strain on their pitches.

Wakefield was a co-owner of Turner’s Yard, a restaurant in Pembroke, Massachusetts. Shawn Thornton,

a National Hockey League player was one of his restaurant partners. The restaurant is no longer open.

Tim Wakefield net worth: How much is he worth?

Tim Wakefield, the former professional baseball player in the United States, reportedly has a net worth of $23 million.


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