Timeless Beauty! What The Hell Does Nadia Buari Do That Makes Her Look Soo Young & Beautiful?

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A-list actress Nadia Buari is no doubt one of the most beautiful actresses we have in the country. She also seems like the reserved type and has only a few friends in the industry.

Nadia Buari, 35,  has been able to maintain her beauty and figure even after giving birth to two beautiful twin girls for a mysterious man, no one knows what his face looks like yet.

The actress loves to keep her life very private from the media and it’s rare to see her granting any interview because of her personal reservations about the media in Ghana. Regardless, it’s heart-warming staring at this beauty.

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Her last three most recent photos show how she’s been able to maintain that flat tummy even after childbirth and we are certain she’s getting ready for her own secret wedding pretty soon.

Rumour has it that, she was the one who connected her best friend Gifty to John Dumelo and they are now happily married.  Nadia Buari who was soo happy her friend got married to one of the finest actors in the country, was at the traditional marriage ceremony to support her best friend and she was seen dancing as she ushered Gifty in.

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So what does Nadia do, that makes her look soo beautiful and ageless after all these years? We are looking for answers, if you have them, share them with us in comments.

Nadia Buari