Tinny’s Comment About My Husband Was Ignorant – Wisa’s Wife Strikes On Tinny For Saying He Lacked Home Training

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Bella Tee, the wife of singer Wisa Greid has said her piece regarding a comment Tinny passed some years back.

Since the rise of Wisa’s career, he has not been In good terms with Ga rapper, Tinny and the reason for this is mainly believed to be because of a comment Tinny passed some years back.

As both come from the GA communities, it was expected that the two could have joined voices to rise the GA music and its artists in the country, but sadly, that was not the case.

In a recent interview Bella Tee revisited this issue that brought the separation between the two, where she revealed the comment Tinny made attacking Wisa’s family was ignorant and it would have been right for him to diss Wisa himself and not touch his family.

She also revealed she wanted her husband to confront him sometime but knowing her husband very well, it wouldn’t have ended well so she is happy he didn’t.

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