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Tips To have A Perfect Wedding Dress Buying Experience

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Bridal shopping is one of the most cherishable experiences in a woman’s life. To choose a perfect wedding dress one needs to keep a lot of things in her mind. From maintaining the budget to selecting the favourite designer, bridal shopping isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But do not worry anymore, we are here to make shopping for bridal dresses a lot easier. Let’s start discussing the tips you need to keep in mind while you’re shopping for your perfect wedding dress. Also, use the Spell & The Gypsy Collective discount code to get some exciting discounts on your wedding dress.

  • Always plan your budget: Before getting too mesmerised with those diamond encrusted wedding outfits, decide on how much you can afford to spend on your wedding gown. That will help you in finding only those dresses which you can afford, and you won’t end up expecting things you can’t have.


  • Do the required research: When it comes to buying dresses, you can have endless options. To find the dresses that will suit you, firstly, know your body type. Once, you get to know it you’ll be aware of the body parts you want to hide and the parts you want to flaunt. You could also take some wedding dress quizzes to find out what kind of gown suits you.


  • Take the help of social media: Social media is an excellent way to discover gorgeous bridal gowns these days. You may follow your favourite designer, blogs or bridal salons to see what’s in fashion. It will also convey them an idea of the surprise sample sales. They will even get to hear about the trunk shows nearby. Do not forget to save your favourites or achieve them so that you can find them whenever you need.
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  • Begin shopping at least 9 to 12 months ahead: A gown takes a long time to be made. By long we mean 4 to 10 months. Also, include the time which will go in shipping your dress in case it’s coming from a place that’s far away. Apart from that, you need to keep some time for alterations and fittings as well. All in all, it can take almost a year to get your wedding dress ready. If you do not have that extra time to rush to a designer who can provide the dress on short notice, be prepared for an additional fee. If you’re lucky enough that you could fit in the sample sizes, then things become easy both for you as well as the designer. Another advantage of sample dresses is that they are available at a much lower price.


  • Choose your tribe wisely: Be very careful while you select your guests who will be joining you in your bridal shopping. Firstly, keep a check on the number of guests the wedding salon allows. The number has to be up to 4 or 5 including the bride. Secondly, decide who are the ones who need to be there. For instance, if a particular person is paying for your gown make sure you take them. You could also call some of your close friends whose opinion would be helpful for you. Make sure the bride tribe you choose is motivating and uplifting. Brides always have this question in their mind that should they invite your mother-in-law or not. In our opinion, you must only call your mother-in-law if you’re in good terms with her and if you both get along really well. If that isn’t the case, then you should refrain from calling her.


  • Ask your stylist anything you want to: Do not shy away from your stylist while you go on shopping. Remember they’re only there to help you out and guide you to the right dress. You all may have questions like how long does it take to get the gown, how much time does it take in altering, do they ship your gown (if so do they charge any amount or it’s free) or do you have to pick it up from the shop, the perfect way to travel with it and if steaming the dress is right or not. Once, you choose the dress to ask your stylist to show you the exact way to bustle it so that at least someone from your bride tribe can help you on the day of your wedding.


  • Click pictures: Always click pictures in every wedding gown you try. Make sure you get the pictures clicked while you swirl, walk and so on. Doing so will help you compare the gown and understand what looks the best on you.

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These were some of the tips you could try while you go on your wedding dress hunt. We are sure it will help you in the process.

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