“Tithing Isn’t A Church Doctrine, It’s A Covenant Of The Kingdom” Bishop Oyedepo

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The Winners’ Chapel founder and leader, Bishop Oyedepo has stated his opinion about whether giving tithes is a doctrine held by the church or it is something else.

A tithe is the 1/10 of what Christians pay to God monthly, daily or weekly from their earnings.

It has become quite an issue that has been extensively discussed, and church leaders have also become critical of their members honouring their tithe obligations to the church.

Bishop Oyedepo stated that tithing is not a doctrine held the church, but only a covenant of the kingdom of God.

There are those who say that the tithing thing is just a way of pastors extorting money from their members to enrich themselves, but Bishop Oyedepo believes that tithing wasn’t instituted by any man and that it is something that is between the individual and his God.

He added that it is something that launches the individual who always pays it into financial prosperity and one that is a Kingdom mystery that conveys mastery over believers’ finances.

“Tithing is not a church doctrine, it is a covenant of the kingdom that launches the believer into realms of financial prosperity. It is a kingdom mystery that confers us with mastery over our finances,” the Bishop tweeted.

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