“To Be Stingy With Your Man Of God Can Lead To Untimely Death”-Pastor Says

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A Nigerian pastor has said that any individual that is stingy and do not give to their man of God could face their untimely death.

The pastor by name Goodheart Val Aloysius was adding his voice to the ongoing craze about the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria that almost every young man out there is subscribing to.

He said that if you are stingy with your man of God, you could face your untimely death.

The Stingy Men Association of Nigeria went viral on social media as some people formed the association to ensure that members do not open up their palms to give out when it comes to giving their women money.

Pastor Aloysius thinks that this stinginess should not be extended to men of God and their Ministries as it will be a suicidal mission for any individual that does that.

“Hope this ongoing (SMAN) will not be extended to pastors and the ministry?

Because to be stingy with your man of God can lead to untimely death.

So be properly guided,” pastor Aloysius wrote on Facebook.

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