Tobias Core: Who is he and what happened to him

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The Blacklist series

Season 1 of The Blacklist premiered in 2013, and eight years later, the series is still going strong. The main characters of the crime and mystery thriller are Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen, two made-up people.

Unexpectedly turning himself in to the FBI, a wanted fugitive offers to assist them in apprehending dangerous criminals. His only stipulation is that he will only collaborate with Elizabeth Keen, the new profiler.

The Blacklist pays tribute to Tobias towards the conclusion of season 8 episode 12 of the show, titled “Rakitin.”

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Who is Tobias Core

Tobias Core
Tobias Core: Who is he and what happened to him

In “Rakitin,” the eighth season finale of The Blacklist, Tobias “Toby” Core is honoured. According to the memorial, Toby was 48 years old when he passed away in 2021. He was said to have been born in 1973. On who exactly it was that Tobias Core was, very little information is given. He doesn’t seem to be a cast member, thus we may infer that he was a well-liked member of the crew working behind the scenes.

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Tobias “Toby” Core, a member of the “The Blacklist” production team, was born in 1973. Unfortunately, because there is so little publicly available information about him, we cannot be positive if he was a member of the camera crew, the art department, a makeup artist, or an assistant director. Sadly, this makes it difficult for us to recognize the scope of his contribution to the series.

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However, Tobias Core’s IMDB profile does state that he was an assistant director and second unit director. However, considering that “The Blacklist” is not among his listed credits, we cannot be confident if it is the same individual or not.

It’s also possible to find a Tobias Core in New York, where The Blacklist is filmed, on Facebook, however it’s unclear if this is the Tobias Core to whom The Blacklist will be paying homage in 2021.

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