Tolani Shobajo Reveals She Has Ever Been Fired From A Record Label For Speaking Up For Her Rights In Nigeria

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Nigerian reality TV star Tolani Shobajo, popularly known as Tolanibaj has revealed that he has ever got herself fired from a record label in Nigeria for speaking up for her rights as a person.

So many employees have kept things to themselves even when they are being abused by their employers for fear of being sacked.

Tolani Shobajo revealed her own ordeal in the hands of her employers after she commended a fan for speaking out for his rights.

The fan was lamenting that employees in Nigeria get away with bad treatment to their employees that leaves much to be desired.

Tolani Shobajo revealed that he had been owed for months and that made her stop going to work but decided to ask for the money owed her via mail.

According to her, the Nigerian music industry tried shielding it by trying to silence her on the matter.

“Nigerian employers get away with a lot of bullshit (like owing salaries ad infinitum) partly because most people don’t have [better] options,” the fan wrote.

Tolani Shobajo then replied to the tweet by saying;

“yes! Thank you for speaking up. I got fired from a record label here in Nigeria for speaking up for my rights. I was owed for months & I stopped going to work & pled via email for my money. The music industry tried to silence me by trying to hide the MAIN reason why I got fired.”

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