“Tomorrow Is Big, Be Wise Today”-Uba Michael Tells Girls Who Post Weird Things On Social Media

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Social media is awash with weird pictures on a daily bases, most of them of ladies displaying their assets they are supposed to be hiding from the public.

According to Uba Michael, a comedian, if most of these ladies have good plans for their future, some of these things they post wouldn’t be posted.

He is of the opinion that some of the things they post could come back to haunt them when in future, they find themselves in certain positions where they will find themselves in competitions with other people.

He stated further that some of them could become wives to prominent people in different fields that would require some decency.

Uba Micheal said that some of them could marry an aspiring governor, a governor or even a president and when people find the sort of pictures they are posting on social media now and bring them up, they will be dragging their husbands’ names into the mud.

For this reason, he is admonishing them to be very careful with their social media activities to prevent any embarrassment to their future husbands and themselves.

Social media has provided a platform that permits almost everything but if one is not careful, their activities there will just be their undoing later on in their lives.

These days, even some employees would, as part of the usual one-on-one interview, have a look at your social media handles to see what you do there; that will inform them as to whether you’re worthy of the position you’re applying for.

Young people have to be careful of some of the things that they do on social media.

Uba Michale gave this advice to ladies on Instagram.

His post is necessitated by the silhouette challenge that has become the new craze amongst ladies on social media.

See his post below;


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